How Celebrities Get Jacked for Movie Roles and Lose Weight For Others

Actors are forced to change their bodies a lot for different roles. They might lose a huge amount of weight for one role, get fat for another, and then be forced to get jacked for a third. Christian Bale is an example of someone who is known for changing body types with diet pills the way many people change haircuts.

This practice is not healthy. It can cause short term misery, and while you’re not going to “trash your metabolism” (starvation mode is a myth) extreme, rapid weight loss and gain does put stress on your body and when you’re eating a very low calorie diet there is the risk of malnutrition. Those intense workouts to pack on huge amounts of muscle mass are effective – but there’s often more going on than just “eating lots of food” and where there are pharmaceuticals involved, there’s always the risk of heart conditions and other issues.

Consider Chris Hemsowrth – who followed an Arnold-style routine to get in shape for Thor. That was a lot of work for him – and it’s fair to say that Hemsworth is a natural athlete. He could have easily been a pro-sports player. Well, not easily, but he had the genetic potential to get there if he chose to do so.

The thing that helps these athletes is that they have access to the best nutritionists and the best personal trainers. They follow strict diets that are restrictive in calories and macro nutrients. They eat fish, chicken, rice and vegetables. They engage in intermittent fasting, and they treat their diets the way they treat their training. Check out THIS! Rebel Wilson Weight Loss.

They also push to train as much as they can – working out for 1.5 to 2 hours a day, every day, with maybe a single reset day a week. They have to eat huge amounts in order to support that amount of training, and they have to drink lots of water too.

There are some who take steroids, and some who swear off them. If you want to get a lean, ripped body that looks more like a fitness model, then you can achieve that naturally. The mass monsters though will need some aid to pack on the amount of muscle required for that physique.

If you’re looking to achieve the bodies that the celebrities have, then you will need to accept a few things. Firstly, it’s going to take a long time to do if you aren’t able to put in hours per day into exercise and meal prep. Secondly, there comes a point in terms of body fat percentage and lean muscle mass where maintaining it is not easy – you need to work hard, all the time. Do you really want to walk around at that level, or would you settle for a tiny bit less lean, if it meant you could enjoy a few carbs every now and then? Be realistic, and be honest about your motivations – because looking good and feeling good are related, but not when you take it to extremes.

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